The Grain Academy is provided for the benefit of all who care to learn the story and value of food.  It is located in the BMO Centre at Calgary's Stampede Park.

The Academy is open throughout the year for both the general public and school groups.  Grains are the direct source of more than half of our food needs.  The Grain Academy has been demonstrated as practical, and an effective way to teach people of all ages about the industry which made the opening of Western Canada possible.

This unique Grain Academy is a place to browse, to observe the present and realize the contribution which grain makes to our daily lives.  To visit is to appreciate.  See the Grain Academy soon!

The grain train arrives at Vancouver.  A grain terminal model illustrates where the crop, carried by thousands of rail cars is unloaded.  Note the ocean vessels.

 Recorded industry sounds make a person feel part of the train as it winds it's way through the mountain passes.

For those who wish to learn more there are touch screens which tell a story of some phase in the stage of grain.

 Historical farm artifacts help recall how grain was and is handled.  They also indicate the scope of the industry.

Right:  A ceiling high  working model of a country grain elevator lifts wheat up into storage bins and loads a hopper car - much like a real country elevator.

Below:  An exact replica of grain elevator office from the late 1920's early 1930's.


Grain is the edible fruit of cereal varieties and some other plants.

 Pictorially displayed are people of 'vision and energy', who have contributed to the challenge of feeding our nation and to the development of our grain institutions, along with displays such as the "Evolution of the Elevator". 


One of the highlights of the Grain Academy is a working model of our rail transportation system.  It demonstrates the movement of grain from a country elevator on the prairie to the port of Vancouver, BC.



Visit the Grain Academy in the Plus 15 at the BMO Centre, Stampede Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

          Plus 15, BMO Centre 20 Roundup Way S.E., Calgary, AB | 403-263-4594