Grain Academy & Museum

How Things Have Changed!

In the early 1900s there were over 5700 grain elevators in Western Canada. Today there are just over 300.  The old style wooden elevators have given way to modern cement and steel structures.  Combines worth a half million dollars have replaced the wooden flail for threshing grain.  In 1985 85% of Canada’s grain elevators & export facilities were owned by farmers … today that number is less than 1%.

This is one of the stories we share at the Grain Academy & Museum.  There are many other stories, like what food comes from wheat, oats, barley, flax and canola?  The story of early homesteaders who came to Western Canada from Europe, Eastern Canada and the United States, by wagon before railways were built in the later 1800,s, and later by train, with a dream to establish homesteads as they searched for a better way of life.

For these early pioneers, the challenges were difficult and the work was hard. In some cases homesteaders were not able to achieve their dreams and had to turn to another profession to make a living, or return to their place of origin.

The stories are rich, and are brought alive through working models, videos, story telling and artifacts from the past.  Stop by and visit … we would love to host you.

Posted 161 weeks ago